My Tatting

Some Of The Things I Have Tatted

A cobweb doily in garnet and black. The wife is a USC (South Carolina) graduate and Gamecock fan.

A butterfly that Muskaan showed. I like the overlapping picots. 
This one resides on the corner of my monitor at work.

 Someone wanted to see this. I had to try it on. I gave it to a friend. She loved it.

And, of course Jan Stawacz's Monster Doily. 
Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. This won Best of Show at Tat Days 2016.


  1. Can you give us your pattern for this big doily?

    1. It is copyrighted. It is in the August 2007 edition of a Polish magazine called Moje Robotki. Sometimes Zarina on Etsy has it, but I just looked and she does not seem to at present. You can keep watch there if you like. She does not charge much for it.